BREAKING: Tye Dillenger Released From WWE

On Wednesday, February 20th, 2019, WWE Superstar Tye Dillinger (on his birthday) confirmed that he had officially asked to be released from his WWE contract.

Tye Dillinger took to Twitter with an “open letter” type message to address the matter to his fans.

Here is what “The Perfect 10” had to say:

This is a heartbreaking matter for many fans. Tye Dillinger was one of NXT’s golden stars and was considered a HUGE prospect when moving up to the main roster. Since his call up to the main roster, Tye Dillinger hasn’t really been given the opportunities or the screen time that everybody thought that he would.

This, unfortunately, seems to have been a common trend with many former NXT superstars that have made the transition to the main roster.

Just days after Dillinger’s request to be released from his contract, his request was granted. On Friday, February 22nd, 2019, WWE came to terms with the release of Tye Dillinger.

Now that Tye Dillinger has been released from the WWE, what do you think is next for the young pro wrestling star?

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