Express Come Off the Tracks

Saturday afternoon, the Express took on the Arizona Hotshots. The Express were thriving in the first half; then the wheels came off.

Zac Stacy was looking like what the fans expected. Stacy was evading Hotshots defense making it look easy, scoring a rushing touchdown.

Two first-quarter turnovers from Arizona led to nine points for the Express. First, Memphis had wonderful field position when the Hotshots wideout Josh Huff fumbled the ball after a hit over the middle of the field. That led to a Josh Jasper field goal.

Another Wolford interception in the second quarter led to another Josh Jasper field goal, and the Hotshots failed on a fourth down rally, which for all fizzled out as a fourth turnover. Stacy went on to score a rushing touchdown.

All in all, The Express came up short but faired better than expected. I do not think Hackenberg is a good leader, even after getting de-cleated on a rushing touchdown on a late hit. Hackenberg is a hit or miss kind of fellow, a lot more miss than hit typically. But he faired alright in this one. Hackenberg has yet to throw a passing touchdown in two games. Mettenberger needs to start whenever Coach Singletary has him slated as healthy.

My game ball in this game has to go to Josh Jasper. He is the man who kept this in striking distance and gave the Express the first points in history. Jasper should expect to see a large role within the leadership, him and punter Brad Wing play together well, well both playing at LSU in college.

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