6 Keys to Victory For Salt Lake Stallions

Credit: Salt Lake Stallions

Stallions play in Birmingham against Iron this Saturday. If they want to win on the road though, they have to do these six things.

Start Out Strong

Looking back at last week, the Iron were able to start out strong, and that helped them win. When Iron didn’t start out strong in the second half, they were a very different team. They were very lucky that Express didn’t put up at least 10 points in the 3rd quarter. The Iron were able to hold Express on a 4th and 1 close to the end zone. Also Express missed a pretty close field goal. Start out strong and take away their momentum.

Don’t Let Trent Richardson Gain Momentum

Going on with the whole momentum thing, don’t let Trent Richardson get some. If you watched the Express vs. Iron, you would know that once Trent Richardson got on a role, he was playing at a much better level. He was able to score two touchdowns later in the game. Imagine if he got that momentum earlier in the game. Don’t let Trent Richardson get a few big plays or he will very likely carry the whole defense on his back.

Don’t Give Up The Big Plays

Keep everything in front of you. They were pretty aggressive when calling plays. They have the players to get them the big play’s too. But if you can stop them from getting the big play’s, you force them to chip away which goes with the other keys of not giving them momentum. 

Don’t Underestimate Luis Perez

Luis Perez, Iron quarterback, was very underrated for his play last week. I thought he looked very accurate and if it weren’t for his receivers dropping nearly any ball thrown to them, he wouldn’t have been so unnoticed. The thing is you can’t count on receivers dropping very accurate balls like last week, so Stallions D-line needs to put pressure on Perez to make him rush a little more.

Don’t Let Quinton Patton Get Deep

Even though he was one of the receivers that I thought had poor catching ability last week, he definitely could get deep in the secondary. One time last week catching a ball within 10 yards of the end zone with around a 40-yard catch. He is a deep threat.

Great Secondary

You can argue that Iron have the greatest secondary in the AAF based off of last week. They took advantage of any throw that was off. They were able to get two interceptions last week. It’s safe to say that you need to have accurate throws to beat this secondary. 

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