Iron 52: Breaking Down Birmingham’s TE Room

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With the Iron releasing their 52 man roster, I thought it would be about time to do an in-depth roster analysis and some predictions. I will be going position by position.

Today’s post is covering all 3 of the Tight-Ends in Birmingham. Barring any last minute free agent pickups, I expect this is how it the depth chart to end up for The Iron.

Braedon Bowman:

We recently sat down with Brandon Bowman and interviewed him about himself and the other TEs on the roster.

Bowman grew up in Mesa, Arizona as a big wide receiver with good hands, agility, and downfield blocking ability. He put his agility on display when hurdled a Memphis DB. With his skill set, the transition to Tight End was only natural. He didn’t receive any offers coming out of college so as a sophomore he walked on to Scottsdale Junior College. He led the nation in every category as a receiver that year. After that season, he was offered a scholarship at the University of South Alabama.   He always impressed with his playmaking ability but has just been plain unlucky with injuries. He has played in 3 NFL games for the Jets adding two special teams tackles.

Scouting Report

Nobody knows Bowman’s game better than himself so here’s Bowman’s own scouting report that he gave us:

“I think I can help contribute in both. But being a WR my whole life, I think my strong suit is for sure running routes and catching the ball. But I’m definitely still working to improve in the run game. TE is a position that hard to be one dimensional and be successful these days.”

Not only is he right about TEs can’t be one dimensional, but he’s giving a good breakdown of his one game. He’s good, great hands and a high motor as a blocker. He excels as a crackback blocker. He’s ready to prove he’s healthy.

Connor Davis:

Conner Davis has had to work for everything so far. He’s got an insanely good work ethic and apparently a massive workout regime that a newspaper wrote about.  (i.e., He played both defensive end and Tight end at Stony Brook University. He seems like a very dedicated player who is determined to make it in the league.

Scouting Report:

“Connor is a big boy that can run. He’s a great blocker that can catch that ball.” That’s what Braedon Bowman says about Davis and at 6’8”, he’s not wrong. Here’s the kind of tightened he wants to be:

” In college, the run game was always a big part of our game plan. So the years I was a tight end I was utilized a lot as a blocking tight end. However, overall I strive to be a balanced player maintaining my athleticism with my size in order to be a potential weapon in the pass game…Growing up I tried to model my game after was Todd Heap. A more traditional Y tight tend that you could attach to the line in the running game and also use their size and athleticism to make mismatches in the passing game.” ( All Davis quotes come from a very informative interview by Draft Diamonds:

Here are a few fun facts from the interview:

  1. Davis played against Khalil Mack in Mack’s Senior season.
  2. His favorite subject and major is biology.
  3. His favorite teams are the Ravens.

Busta Anderson:

Busta Anderson was drafted! So that makes like four so far? He was a 7th round pick of the 49ers in 2015. He also played for Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears. He played at the University of South Carolina, however only started 19 games due to a myriad of injuries. He’s super athletes and can lineup anywhere on the field. He didn’t play that much. This article ( is an excellent study into his play style and his career so far.

“Busta can do it all too. He can create mismatches.” – Braedon Bowman

Niner’s Nation take:


  • Excellent Speed
  • Creates separation
  • Finds softs spot in coverage
  • Footwork, technique, tenacity, and strength make him a great blocker
  • Impressive body control and hand-eye coordination

There’s quite a bit more, but I’m not going to rewrite their whole article, just check it out at the link above.


  • Lengthy injury history
  • Had concentration drops
  • Struggled to catch the ball away from his body.

I’m going to compare him to Braedon Bowman but more athletic, but Bowman’s more refined.


With only 3 TE’s on the roster, depth could be an issue as we saw in week 1. After Bowman went down. It was almost like Perez forgot the tight-end position existed. The players will have to build a rapport with Perez if they ever want to see the ball. I do think this is a very deep position and I see some really good plays coming soon.

That’s it for the offense. All 24 players are done. I might do a recap with my players to watch, so if you have any suggestions, hit me up on Twitter! 

Heisman Winners:1 (D2 but still counts)

National Championships: 9

All Americans: 3

Highest Draft Pick: 3rd Overall

NFL Games played: 74

NFL Passing Yards:0

NFL Rushing Yards: 2,083

NFL Receiving Yards: 1867

NFL Touchdowns: 20

NFL Tackles: 12

NFL Interceptions: 0

Players Analyzed 24/52 

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