Saturday Night with the Apollos

Credit: Shawn Chesser (Ambush Sports Network)

It’s a balmy 66 degrees in Orlando Florida, and the misty rain is just beginning to fall. Stadium lights are in the distance, but tail lights line the streets of the University of Central Florida. After months of waiting, professional football will officially be played in the city of Orlando! As I sit here typing this now, the stadium is starting to fill and the energy is beginning to rise inside of Spectrum Stadium.

Players are warming up and stretching on the field, fans are waving towels, and everybody is waiting for 8:00. “Flip-off,” as it is dubbed by the fans, is about to be underway.

Let’s recap some of the new rules being unveiled today.

No Kickoffs

In lue of a kickoff, all teams will start on the 25-yard line after scoring possessions or beginning of a half.

No Onside Kicks

Instead of an onside kick, they have an onside conversion. Teams down 17+ points (or in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter) can opt for the onside conversion. The trailing team that just scored will go immediately into a 4th and 12 situation on the 28-yard line. Convert and keep possession, fail, and you gave the winning team great field position.

Sky Judge

A dedicated referee that can correct wrong calls, or can make missed calls on the field.

Only five defensive rushers

Only five defenders can rush the quarterback at a time. If a defender is lined up on the line, he is counted as a rusher.

Here we go! Both teams are out of the tunnels and ready to play! I am excited. The crowd is excited. Now the question is, are YOU excited!? 

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