Iron 52: Breaking Down Birmingham’s OT Room


Credit: Birmingham Iron

With the Iron releasing their 52 man roster, I thought it would be about time to do an in-depth roster analysis and some predictions. I will be going position by position.

Today’s post is covering all 5 of the offensive tackles in Birmingham. Barring any last minute free agent pickups, I expect this is how it the depth chart to end up for The Iron.

67 Michael Dunn T

Michael Dunn has been on both ends of the spectrum of college football. From Walk-on to Two-Time All-Big Ten Football Honor Mention, Dunn has shown determination to his craft. He started 48 games from then at the extremely important position of left tackle. He went undrafted in 2017. Dunn signed with the Los Angeles Rams late in the offseason. He didn’t make it, but resigned with the team in 2018 and also spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars on their practice squad in 2018.

 Here’s a quote by Dunn about how he’s had to make his name in football.

“Literally every step in my football life I was basically a nobody who was able to make a name for myself,” Dunn told the Glenn Clark Radio Show this spring. “I’ve already been in places where I’ve had zero expectations for me, and I’ve proved everybody wrong. I’m confident enough in my abilities that I can do the same thing all over again.”

Scouting Report:

He was praised as a technician with plenty of experience. That basically means he shows good footwork and technique but might not have plus strength or speed. He wasn’t able to participate in the combine or his pro day because of a shoulder injury. He’s got really good size at 6 foot 5, 300 pounds. He’s 24, so could be a mainstay on the this Offensive line for years to come. 

62 Larson Graham T

Larson Graham played football at Duquesne University and started all 46 games. He earned Second Team All-Northeast Conference honors as a senior, junior, and sophomore. He went undrafted and played for the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers. In the NFL, he played interior offensive line, and he seems more comfortable there.

Scouting Report

Even though he’s listed at Tackle for the Iron, he could be a really good fit at guard. He was listed at 6’4”, 304 pounds and ran a blazing 5.01 40, impressive for a lineman. He’s got good game speed and could definitely start at guard or tackle. According to,

Larson is “ Fundamentally sound college tackle,” wrote of Graham. “Blocks with excellent pad level and leverage moves well on his feet and stays square. Nasty, attacks blocks and works through the whistle. Seals defenders from the action and stands out as a position blocker. Makes outstanding use of angles.”

It’s a very in-depth article; I’d recommend a look: 

60 Brandon Greene T

ROLL TIDE! Greene played for the University of Alabama. He played all 15 games in their 2015 National Champions season so that we can add that to our list. He didn’t really have a set position, alternating between Tight End and offensive tackle every year. Greene was more a jumbo TE, which is more a 6th lineman to add some extra protection. He had one catch his entire career, but boy was it a big one. Twenty-three yards on the first play from overtime against overtime on a trick play. Here what the official Alabama football website says about it: “the entire nation learned his name with a 24-yard reception on the first play of overtime at LSU”.So there’s that.

While he didn’t immediately make the Bears active roster, he was a member for a remaining couple of weeks of the 2017 season. He didn’t make an appearance in a game, however.

I can’t find much about his scouting report, but I found his pro day reports. He didn’t do too well (22 225LB Reps, still 15 more than NYG Star O’dell Beckham Jr.), so I’m going to assume the that he’s more of a Technician as well. He’s very versatile so look at him as a possible swing lineman. 

77 Dominick Jackson T

Dominick Jackson also played for the University of Alabama, so…. ROLL TIDE!!!,  He also was part of the 2015 National Championship season, so we can we add that to our list as well. He was a team leader at Alabama leading with his toughness. Jackson has received quite a few team awards and was second-team All-SEC. He really grew as a player during his time at Alabama.

Scouting Report:

Jackson is a mountain or a man at 6’6”, 315 lbs. He’s a road grader, a monster in the run game. He needs to work on pass protection. He’s got A+ athleticism; he even filled in as a fullback in the goal line. He’s probably more of a guard. He’s got a lot of potentials, but he needs to play with his athleticism more. He could be a great asset to the team. 

78 Korren Kirven T

Hey, I know this name. He was on the Buccaneers this last offseason. He also played for the  New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, and the Dallas Cowboys. Kirven is also a former Crimson Tide, playing as an offensive and defensive line. He played guard, but on here he’s listed as a tackle. Kirven was redshirted for Alabama’s 2012, but since it counts as a spot on the roster, I’m going to count it. He was also apart of the 2015 National Championship team so that we can add those two to our list. He was hurt during his last offseason, so he might be here to prove he is healthy.

Scouting Report:

Here’s a scouting report by

He’s a scheme fit with some nice size and potential and his versatility, and technical abilities are valuable, but he’s still pretty raw and untested against NFL starter-level competition at this stage of his career.

Kirven has outstanding intangibles and was praised for his focus when changing roles and the fact he kept his head up and eventually worked his way up into a contributor role at Alabama.

He won the Iron Man award at Alabama which recognizes effort in the strength and conditioning program.

So some pretty good stuff. 


This offensive line is versatile, which is needed to break into the NFL. They all seem to be good run blockers, which I’m sure Richardson and Perkins will appreciate.

Heisman Winners:1 (D2 but still counts)

National Championships: 7

All Americans: 3

Highest Draft Pick: 3rd Overall

NFL Games played: 71

NFL Passing Yards:0

NFL Rushing Yards: 2,083

NFL Receiving Yards: 1867

NFL Touchdowns: 20”

NFL Tackles: 9

NFL Interceptions: 0

Players Analyzed 18/52 

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