BREAKING: Becky Lynch “Suspended” From WWE

Becky Lynch

Credit: WWE

Just one night after the Royal Rumble, Becky Lynch showed no hesitation in choosing the RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey to be her opponent for this year’s Wrestlemania over the Smackdown Women’s Champion Asuka. The only problem is, “The Man” isn’t exactly in the best shape following the Rumble. If you watched the Royal Rumble, you already know that Becky Lynch not only won the Women’s Royal Rumble match but she suffered a knee injury at the hands of Charlotte Flair in the process.

With that being said, on the first RAW in February of 2019, the show kicked off with Stephanie McMahon in the middle of the ring. Not long after Stephanie began to speak, she was interrupted by the winner of the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble, “The Man” Becky Lynch. As expected, “The Man” was limping her way to towards the ring.

During this promo, it was revealed that Becky Lynch had been refusing medical attention by WWE doctors since her injury at the Royal Rumble. Lynch stated that she didn’t want a single doctor to come near her and that “she was okay.” Stephanie McMahon pleaded with Becky to get a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Lynch stood her ground and refused to see a doctor. Stephanie continued to plead with Becky and stated that if she did not get help from a doctor, she would have to suspend her from the WWE until she does.

After being asked one more time by Stephanie McMahon, Becky Lynch refused, and Stephanie McMahon had no other choice but to suspend Becky Lynch. Shortly after she placed the suspension, Becky Lynch attacked Stephanie McMahon.

You can see the promo here:

How do you think this injury will affect the RAW Women’s Championship Match at this year’s Wrestlemania? How long do you think Becky Lynch’s suspension will last? 

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