Atlanta Legends final roster shows promise


With the Alliance of American Football League set to officially kick-off on the weekend following Super Bowl 53, the Atlanta Legends have cut their final roster down to the 52 player mark.

Georgia natives make up over one-third of the entire team, with former UGA Bulldog Aaron Murray leading the way as the signal caller.  Murray will have some healthy competition as well, with former Tennessee quarterback, Matt Simms, as the primary backup.

The Legends will look to rely on speed and versatility, with former Michigan standout Denard Robinson and WR/RB Erv Phillips as two guys who embody that style of play.

Legends Team
Credit: Atlanta Legends

To round out the playmakers, Akrum Wadley (RB, Iowa), Justin Thomas (WR, Georgia Tech), Seantavius Jones (WR, Valdosta State), Bug Howard (WR, North Carolina), and James Quick (WR, Louisville) all look to have a positive impact on the field, among others.

The Legends will rely on how well the offensive line holds up.  They will start the season with eight players on the O-Line, each of them at least 6-3, and all but one listed at 300 pounds and above.

The Legends defense will look to apply a lot of pressure on opposing QBs.

At first glance, one thing stands out for the ATL defense – pressure, pressure, pressure.

Tavaris Barnes will lead this group, as a former defensive end at Clemson, where he finished with three sacks his senior season and went on to play 13 games with the New Orleans Saints in 2015.  Barnes will be joined by Tracy Sprinkle (Ohio State) and Brandon Watts (Georgia Tech), as two guys who played at high levels in college.

Legends Huddle
Credit: Atlanta Legends

Finally, the defensive backs on the team may be the weakest link, but Doran Grant, Damian Swann, and Quincy Mauger and co. have enough experience to be serviceable in the backfield.

Fans should expect a high paced offense, with a defense looking to get after the quarterback.

Yes, the Atlanta Legends will look to score A LOT of points.  Led by Aaron Murray and Denard Robinson, the Legends have the makeup to run a lot of no-huddle offense and could elect for some wildcat with Robinson under center.

On defense, the Legends are set to go after the QB.  With Kevin Coyle at head coach, who has a lot of experience at defensive coordinator, particularly with a focus on defensive backs, Coyle will look to help out that part of the defense, which is arguably the weakest link for the Legends.

Overall, Coyle will have a lot of fun with this team, as there are a lot of players who can be moved to different positions around the field, which should add more overall excitement around this team.

With only a few weeks to go until kickoff, the Legends’ lineup looks ready to deliver a lot of great moments, with their eyes on the prize for a championship in year one of the AAF. 

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