PFL Regular Season Review

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) regular season showcased multiple entertaining fights in its premiere season. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the promotion, it’s the same promotion where stars like Justin Gaithje, Marlon Moraes, David Branch, Jon Fitch, and Blagoy Ivanov fought under the former name of the promotion “World Series Of Fighting.” It utilizes a unique point bonus system to determine which fighters will make into the playoffs. Points are based on wins, and most importantly, finishes. A win nets you three points, with a first-round finish adding three additional points. A second-round stoppage nets an extra two points and a finish in the third will add one point. In the two fights, a fighter could amass a total of twelve points for two first-round finishes!


To start out the first regular season, the PFL brought in former Bellator World Champions Will Brooks, Marcos Galvao and Brandon Halsey. There were also some notable UFC veterans such as Jason High, Steven Siler, and Jared Rosholt. The company also brought back fighters familiar with the promotion like Lance Palmer, Andre Harrison, and Jake Shields, to name a few.

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To the surprise of many, it’s the relatively unknown fighters who top the standings as the season ended. This is where things get interesting, stars like Jake Shields who most would have expected to place higher than eighth in the division, finds himself just squeaking into the playoffs. Steven Siler holds the number one spot in a featherweight division where Palmer, Harrison, and Galvao also compete at.

One of the biggest storylines in the regular season was the MMA debut of Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison who has looked fantastic. She managed to pile up a 2-0 record and displayed different parts of her game in these fights. Another big story was Ray Cooper III finishing Jake Shields in violent fashion. The two are set to rematch in the playoffs.


Fighters understand the point system as you could see the urgency with the regular season ending and they fought to clinch a seed in the playoffs. If I were to make any adjustments for the next season I would recommend signing more big name vets and make sure to have a women’s featherweight division. Kayla Harrison has proven to be a big name and can bring in the ratings.

The PFL playoffs begin on Friday, October 5th on NBCSN.

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  1. Great write up. For someone like me who hasn’t really delved into PFL it told me how things work and set the tone for me getting into it and what to expect. Keep up the good work.

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